Instructions for Poster Presenters

Instructions for Poster Presenters

​There are 3 types of poster presentations:

1. E-Poster Discussions - abstracts selected for this category will be available electronically in the E-Poster stations.  A designated date and time for presentation will be assigned to each abstract.

2. Poster Viewing-Poster Board Presentations - abstracts selected for this category will be available on poster boards in 2 shifts.
Shift 1: Wednesday, May 16th
Shift 2: Thursday, May 17th
Please see the scientific programme BOOK ONSITE or the Conference app  for the board number on which you should display your poster. Please use the board with the same number.
Presenters are requested to stand by their posters during the coffee breaks on their day of presentation for informal discussions.
Presenters are able to set up their posters from 08:00 on their allocated date. Posters should be removed by 19:15.
Abstracts selected for this category will also have an option to upload their posters electronically, the posters will be available for viewing in the E-Poster stations. There is no designated time for E-Poster presentations in this category.

3. E-poster Viewing Only - abstracts selected for this category will upload their posters electronically. The posters will be available for viewing at the E-poster stations. There is no designated time for presentations in this category.

Note: All Conference Participants will have the opportunity to view the abstracts via the Conference website and the Mobile App during the Conference. Your E-Poster will also be available for viewing on the large electronic screens in the E-Poster Area at the Conference Centre. Any E-Poster can be viewed on any screen at any time.

Poster Board Preparation

Technical Specifications

The dimensions of the poster board are PORTRAIT style.

Poster Board Size: 1m width x 2.5m height.

It is recommended that your poster be no larger than 90cm wide x 120cm high (Portrait style).

Posters may be prepared on one sheet (preferred method) or alternatively on several smaller sheets.

Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors as stated on the submitted abstract.

The text, illustrations, etc should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters.

Double-sided tape will be available in the poster area for hanging of posters. Staff will also be in the poster area to assist you.

The organisers are not responsible for any posters that have not been removed by the end of the sessions on the day in which they have been scheduled.

E-Poster Preparation

Portrait Format, Single-Page

Please read the following technical requirements:


Digital Poster

without a video

Digital Poster

including a video

File formatPDF (.pdf)PowerPoint (.pptx)
OrientationPortrait Format, Single-PagePortrait Format, Single-Page
Dimensions in Pixel1080 width x 1536 height1080 width x 1536 height
Dimensions in cm38,1 width x 54,2 height38,1 width x 54,2 height
Recommended fontsizeMinimum 16 pointsMinimum 16 points
SoundNo sound supportedNo sound supported
Maximum file size40 MB100 MB
Video formats-.mp4, .mpg, .mov, .avi
Number of videos-1 video

Please be aware that PowerPoint files (.pptx) will only be accepted if you have a video

included. If your poster does not contain a video, please submit your poster as a PDF.

To get started with your poster creation, feel free to download the poster template


You should have received an email from our E-Poster provider: “Morressier” to upload your poster. If you have not received this email and for technical questions regarding the upload of your E-Poster please contact:

 Deadline for uploading your poster: Thursday May 10th, 2018

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